Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Reviewing: Love in 90 Days

We're way beyond sanity now.  We're venturing into an alternate universe.  Dare I say it, we may have entered Venus territory.  Blech.

You know the drill.  Touchy, feely, devote-yourself-to-love, be-open-to-love, avoid-bad-patterns, work-at-it, something's wrong with YOU.  Sigh.  Why did I sign up for this?

Because the only thing sane about these books tends to be the lists, here's Diane Kirschner's list of Deadly Dating Patterns:

1) The Flame Out - You have chemistry, things move fast, and then he disappears.
2) The Fantasy Relationship - A crush (or ex) that drains all of your energy.
3) Crumbs - Unavailable (time-wise) man.  See Mr. Big in Sex and the City.
4) The Hermit - You just don't make the time to be social.
5) I'll Make You Love Me - Working too hard to be what you're not in order to keep him.
6) Abuse Recycle - Remember Sleeping with the Enemy?
7) The Safety Net - Think about dating the personification of your safety-school.
8) Not Perfect / I'll Pass - You project your own insecurities on the guy and dump him/don't pursue him.
9) Chase Me - You're commitment phobic, become distant and hope he'll come after you.
10) Fade Away - You're bored and acting boring on dates, thus not getting called back.
11) Jealousy Trap - You project your own insecurities by acting jealous and fighting.
12) Just Buddies - You're one of the guys, and you don't feel feminine.
13) The Grass is Greener - You never commit for fear there's something better out there.

The only other part of interest was a chapter on Frenemies.  Because Sex and the City was referenced, I'll label these four types of frenemies accordingly.  The Samantha (cynic who doesn't believe 'happy marriage' exists), the Carrie (needy narcissist in crisis who demands all of your time for herself), the Miranda (Debbie Downer who constantly drags you down), the Charlotte (jealous of your success and finds fake flaws in the guy).  Can you tell I hate Sex and the City?

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  1. Wow, this one really does sound awful. While I'm all for examining ourselves to make our lives better, this sounds like it crosses a line into making every personality type into a "loser." Sorry you had to endure it!