Thursday, November 4, 2010

Reflections on Men Fighting...double mmm

Say what you will about Bridget Jones: Edge of Reason.  In one way at least, it did uphold the exceptionally high standard of Bridget Jones's Diary: men fighting, this time in water!

That's right, because what could be better than men fighting over you?  Men fighting over you in wet shirts.  I know one woman who would surely agree - Bridget Jones herself.

So, vote for the best Men Fighting scene:

(1) Bridget Jones's Diary - Outside, but not with dueling pistols or swords.  It is raining men, hallelujah.
Best fight lines: 
Tom: Fight!  Well, quick! It's a real fight! 
Followed closely by Tom: Good point.  It's a very hard one to call.
Obviously, Tom added a lot to this fight.

(2) Bridget Jones: Edge of Reason - In a fountain.  They believe in a thing called love, just listen to the rhythm of their hearts.
Best fight lines:
Daniel: I think you're going to have to drag me.
Daniel:  So what are you going to do now?  Drown me in 6 inches of water?  Mark:  Yes. 
But the real kicker, Daniel:  You know what, Mate, if you're so obsessed with Bridget Jones, why don't you just marry her?  Cuz then she'd definitely shag me.

If you can find one Men Fighting Scene equal to these in another movie, write-in votes are allowed.  But please, do not vote uninformed.


  1. First one! The second was too "this was the best part in the first movie, so we're throwing it in again but this time in WATER." The first one actually made sense to me and comes after the super sexy Mark cooking scene.

  2. I am definitely voting for the first one, even though I only saw the second one out of context. I'm with Crystal - it seems unnecessary to have yet another "fight over Bridget" scene, and not even a great one at that.

  3. I might vote for the 2nd one just out of spite! How are y'all not appreciating the beauty of Mark dragging Daniel outside? And drowning him in a fountain? 6 inches deep?

    Also, I think we can all agree the 2nd movie was a bit unnecessary, so the second fight was actually a major plus for the movie. That, and the DVD extra I mentioned last week. But I'll save my general thoughts on the 2nd movie for another time.

  4. Nothing in the 2nd movie is defendable, Kelley! Stop doing that. The fact that there is anything good in the dvd features came as a total shock to me.

  5. You're sooooo going to love today's post, Crystal. I just have to get the pictures up. Hooray!!!