Thursday, November 11, 2010

Reflections on The Other Women

In BJD, Bridget is confronted with two "other women" whom she finds threatening because they are everything she thinks she needs to be to win a man:  namely thinner.  But also more intellectual, confident, taller, leggier, stick-insect-esque.

Exhibit A: Lara (Suki from the book) - Daniel Cleaver's brief fiance, who says "I thought you said she was thin" to Daniel upon being caught by Bridget, naked in the bathroom.  She is something different according to Daniel, "being American...something to do with confidence."

Exhibit B: Natasha - Mark Darcy's hoighty-toighty work-colleague/girlfriend, who asks "not wearing your bunny-girl suit" to Bridget at the horrid Smug Married party.

Somehow despite not becoming thinner, more intellectual, taller, leggier or stick-insect-esque, Bridget still manages to win both Mark Darcy away from Natasha and Daniel Cleaver away from Lara.  So the lesson is? 

Note: I left "confident" out of her list of failings.  Once Bridget tells Daniel that she'd rather have a job wiping Saddam Hussein's nether-regions, she's a much more confident version of herself.  After that, sure, she slides down a fireman's pole and displays her bottom the size of Brazil to all of Sit-up Britain's viewers, but she still manages to face life with a smile and not back down from Cosmo or even Mark Darcy's own grilling.  It's that confidence that wins her both men in the end.

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