Wednesday, November 3, 2010

What Bridget would think of Avatar

Bridget had an unpleasant movie-going experience for Avatar.  Her urban family all went to see it, but she thought it was a video-game they were playing and sat out for obvious reasons.  Then, when she realized her mistake, Tom offered to go with her to see it again, but it was sold out - she did not plan ahead.  Finally, she rented it and "watched" it.  She was glad that she rented it in the end because...

Minute 30.  Hold on, so they were asleep for nearly 6 years on a space ship?  I'm going to need a drink.  Pause.

Minute 65.  Oh, I see, it's the story of Pocahontas but they're blue - much like my blue soup (that is - blue for no apparent reason.)

Minute 105.  Good God, is this still going on?  I must have fallen asleep.  Tally forth, preserve their culture...snore.

Minute 135.  All right, we've had our fun, get on with it.  Must be off to dinner shortly.  Better just run and get dressed while they go to war or whatever it is they are doing.

Minute 163. (Better known as the end).  What happened?  I missed it due to fashion crisis in closet.  Oh, nevermind.  I'll just look at Wikipedia later.

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