Monday, November 1, 2010

Bridget on Current Affairs

"Isn't it terrible about Chechnya?  Chech-ny-a."
"Big case, featuring someone called Aghani-Heaney."
"Do you know where the toilets are?"

Actual News,
not just Facebook and
People Magazine
For the longest time, I felt like every time I said "I read somewhere -" it was really code for "I read on Facebook."  But now, I'm reading magazines again, so I'm actually "reading" news stories places other than Facebook.  Amazing! 

So now, when I tell people about how I "read" that research shows Alzheimer's is not deterred by mental exercises like crossword puzzles (as is generally believed to be the case), but instead that mental exercise just delays the appearance of symptoms - I really read that!  Also, I read how drunkards like Bridget will live longer than teetotalers like me - and no, it doesn't depend on the choice of alcoholic beverages (like red wine) or the quantity consumed.  Odd!  Reading!

BJD was written before Facebook, so I'd have to imagine that while Bridget was similarly not dedicating her life to keeping up to date on current events, she was probably getting her version of "the news" from other sources.  Likely, from conversations she overhears in the pub.  Thus, some of the facts would get a little soggy in her brain.

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