Saturday, November 20, 2010

WWBJD: Flirting at Karaoke

Scenario:  You're at a karaoke bar, and a v. handsome man has just had the misfortune to discover that he's selected a Phantom of the Opera song that is actually a duet.  Whoops.

A) Tell your friends "no wonder he's single - I knew there had to be a catch."
B) Forgive him his poor song choice, cheer for him, and talk to him at the bar afterwards.
C) Rise from the crowd and greet him on the stage as his Christine, sing the song as intentionally and irritatingly operatic as possible, and leave the stage laughing with each other.

B for Bridget, final answer.

*Note: This has actually happened to me twice, though neither time was the man v. handsome.  The first time, I regretted not doing C.  The second time, I went through with it to the tune of mixed results.  Would have been cooler the first time.

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