Friday, December 24, 2010

Another Open Letter to People Who Don't Like Colin Firth

Dear Idiots,

Why are you still idiots?  Do you fail to notice the cleft chin?  The dreamy voice?  With the perfect British accent?  The tallness?  The intensity of his looks?  The boyish smile?  The menacing curl of his lip?  The overall Mr. Darcyness of him?

Ok, if that doesn't convince you, I give up.  Go live on some Colin-Firthless island and stop annoying me on discussion boards.


PS - I hope you're not Academy voters.


  1. what sites are you reading this on?

  2. You haven't seen reviews talking about how they don't think it's an Oscar worthy role or performance? Man, I must be googling "talking smack about firth" or something. Which, btw, I would never do. Not even as a joke!