Wednesday, December 8, 2010

What Bridget would think of The King's Speech

I am v. handsome king, aren't I? 
Mmm, your highness.
Right.  V. Excited re: new Colin Firth film.  Possibility of wet shirt low, but generally about him being King of England!  Genius casting, really, well done.  Supposed to have speech impediment that makes him v. bad public speaker.  Can relate.  Perhaps sign meant for each other?  If only nasty Italian wife did not exist. 

Wife in film not stick-insect, but instead very healthy (curvy) Helena Bonham-Carter.  Yet another sign?  (Also, she gets to be QUEEN!  Married to Firth, gets to eat chocolates, and QUEEN!  Why is this only in films?)

Hope Urban Family will be up for going to film opening night.  Will need support in case of probable shrieking "Mmm, Mr. Darcy!" when Firth on screen. (Ratio of Firth on screen to Firth not on screen v. high!)

I smell Oscar!  Hope he dedicates award to wet shirt....

Trailer available:  Opens Friday!

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  1. Would love to go see it! We need to chat about logistics of holiday fun!