Wednesday, December 15, 2010

What Bridget would think of Twitter

9:30am - V. excellent way to stay in touch with friends/fam.  Think will only contribute v. important information as public service.  Perhaps will get award for alerting people of natural disaster such as .4 earthquake in Los Angeles.

10:00am - Why does Shaz have more followers than I do?

11am - Right, my office is v. small in comparison to whole news organization.  So what, that publishing co-workers don't participate in new media as much as journalists.

Noon - Surely will get more followers while off having lunch.  Will just check back in later.

2pm - No new followers?  Really?  Why does no one care what I think?  I have thoughts.

3pm - Major brainwave.  Will post witticisms and link to celebrity gossip articles.

4pm - Hmm, can't think of witticism.  Oh well, here's an article about Brangelina - must post!

5pm - No new followers still?  Good thing time to leave work.  Cannot handle this rejection...


  1. I'm embarrassed to admit that I don't get twitter. I guess I need to try it out before I reject it, but aren't FB status updates pretty similar?

  2. Yes. Twitter is stupid. Let's boycott. The only real difference is that you don't have to approve your followers on twitter like you have to approve your friends on facebook. So basically, you are inviting stalkers.

  3. BTW, I think Sandy pants were a roaring success. Just not for very long.