Saturday, December 11, 2010

WWBJD: Laundry Wars

Perhaps Bridget does laundry so infrequently because of the inherent laundry room wars.  Sure, maybe it's just because she's lazy, but cut her some slack, folks!

Scenario:  It's a Saturday night, and Bridget has decided that since she has no life, she can at least do her laundry while everyone else is off having lives.  She should be able to get in and out without being spotted either, thus not having to out herself as a pathetic spinster.  Success!  Bridget has washed all of her clothes, but now she has to wait for the dryers...she waits...she waits.  No one is coming to get these perfectly dry clothes out of the dryer so she can use them.

A) Take her own clothes out of the washer, leave them in the basket on top of the dryers that have finished running, and just check back every half hour.
B) Open the dryer, see if it's just towels and sheets or more intimate items.  If towels etc, put them on top of dryer and proceed to dry her own clothes.
C) Write passive-aggressive email to HOA list-serve about the lack of respect for people's time and personal property.

I'm going with B.  Bridget is bold when no one's looking. 

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