Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Reviewing: Marry Him - The Case for Settling

Yes, ok, THIS is a book about the bitches I see out in the world, finally!  But I still don't agree with the book.  Sorry, Lori.  Feminists aren't wrong, and some girls don't need to lower their expectations.

The main thing that Lori and I seem to have in common is dislike for Sex and the City.  Yes, Lori, they are entitled divas who expect men to treat them as such.  Agreed.  And I do hate that they became role models for a new generation of women.

Lori goes into great detail about her own personal experience, so I don't want to insult what she found to be her struggles.  Everyone is entitled to find love, and they should be willing to do whatever they need to do to achieve that goal.  Maybe some girls do need to be more realistic about their expectations (note: not lower them, just be realistic about what they are looking for).  But me?  Yeah, I really don't think that's been my problem with the whole L word.  My friends are probably divided on that though, so I'm listening within reason.

Lori goes through a group of guys for whom her first impression was less than stellar but who turned out to be great.  That's worth noting.  While "trust your gut" can get you pretty far in life, there is a chance that first impressions will prove to be wrong.  Haven't we all made some bad first impressions while being wonderful ourselves?

There you go.  Consider what you want.  Think about what that package actually will look like.  Try to give second chances to people who deserve them.  And throw out SATC gear.

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