Friday, December 3, 2010

A Mini-Break Holiday Doesn't Mean True Love

...At least not for Bridget.  In BJD, she goes out of town with Daniel, which ends the relationship.  In EOR, she goes out of town with Mark, which ends the relationship.  What is it about going on a mini-break with Bridget that spells doom?  And is it universally a relationship killer?  Or is it merely a plot device to raise the stakes, only to be followed by a dramatic fall?  Perhaps the latter.

You learn a lot about a person on a mini-break. 
How organized are they: did someone forget their toothpaste? 
Does that "I just woke up" look really take hours of careful planning?
What are they like when they can't get that granola bar they soooo need to keep their blood sugar level up? 
Really, we spent hundreds of dollars to get here, and now you just want to wing it? 

Ok, so now that everyone knows the struggles of going on a mini-break with me...


  1. That picture made me laugh out loud.

  2. I thought you'd most like the use of the phrase "wing it." :-)

  3. mini-breaks, and full length breaks, are the best! I went on one with you and there was no struggle but you packed uno, so whatever.

  4. Yes, but you were not a boy and were very into uno. I have threatened to eat a boy's hands before if he didn't find me food asap. I was half-joking. I only eat chicken.

    I will say that my "I just woke up" look only requires minimal preparation, as does yours. Boys are the ones that really surprise me.

    OUR trip was wonderful magic! Maritime Law rules!

  5. I have never gone anywhere with a boy who required preparation in the morning. Thank god. Danny (in the band) just goes underwear at bedtime and just packs a few tshirts in a bag for a weekend.