Sunday, December 19, 2010

Re: Mark Darcy vs. Mystery Man of 2011

"I came all the way back from New York
 and a partnership at a Law Firm to
............take Sandy to the airport."
"Mmm, thank you Mr. Darcy. 
You are v. good boyfriend."
I fully intended to write about Daniel Cleaver today so as to save Mark (the best) for last.  However, there are two days that I would really like to have an amazing boyfriend like Mark Darcy, and today was one of them.  They are:
(1) the day I take Sandy to the airport for Christmas vacation
(2) the day I take her back from vacation. 

As much help as my friends give me (today's victim being Sarah), it would just be a million times easier if an awesome Mark Darcy were there to carry Sandy's crate and watch my bags so that I could go ask the lady in the red vest if we're in the right line to check dogs.  It's a two-person job, plain and simple, and it would be so wonderful if that second person was someone who loved me, my dog, and was going on the trip with me. 

Mark Darcy can get Bridget out of Thai prison.  In BJD the book, he is able to get her mother out of prison in Italy and trap Julian.  Without a doubt, he could drop me off at the door and go park the car in park & ride, at which point he would return to help with assembling the crate.

Oh, Mystery Man of 2011, we're going to have so much fun going to the airport.

PS - After waiting in line for 3 hours, Sandy and I didn't get on the airplane and took a cab ride home.  I'm very pleased that I didn't cry...and also that Delta took the blame for not being able to check us in and covered the rebooking fees.  Next year, Mark will drive me home in this disastrous scenario (see park & ride) and rescue me from an expensive cab ride.  2011 is going to rock.


  1. Hah, this made me laugh even though it's just awful that Delta is inept. Fingers crossed that tomorrow goes beautifully!!

  2. "Oh, Mystery Man of 2011, we're going to have so much fun going to the airport."