Sunday, December 26, 2010

Re: Daniel Cleaver vs. Mr. Mistake of 2011

Dear Alcoholic, Workaholic, Commitment-phobic, Megalomaniac, Emotional Bleep-wit, Pervert.  Otherwise known as Mr. Mistake of 2011.  You will most likely be the most fun to find.  Giving myself permission to make a mistake (much like a favorite Fiona Apple song) is a freeing sensation, that will no doubt lead to the right outcome in time!  How else will I recognize a truly wonderful man unless I stumble upon a truly horrible wolf in sheep's clothing.

Mr. Mistake, please do be as charming as Daniel Cleaver.  That is, please do compliment me inappropriately, comfort me when I make a fool of myself, become jealous when you spot me talking to your mortal enemy, and ultimately return to fight for me when I finally end up with Mr. Darcy.

Adieu, dear sweet Mr. Mistake.  Until next week at the New Year's Eve party - I'll be the one singing "Without You."  Poorly, I might add.

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