Saturday, December 18, 2010

WWBJD: Airport Security

We've all heard about the new TSA Airport Security measures.  With everyone chiming in about whether they are an invasion of privacy or a necessary security measure, I'm left wondering what would Bridget do indeed, should she be accosted by TSA agent on her holiday travels.

Scenario:  Bridget has come to the airport with all of the essentials.  That is, she has a very heavy bag to check, a purse the size of a duffel bag, a coat that would shield her from arctic weather, and a carry-on that she can hardly carry at all.  Having checked her bag, she must now go through the....dum dum screening.  A TSA agent gives her the option of being screened (seen naked), or being groped (felt as if naked).  She chooses being seen naked.  She hopes that the screener will not comment on how effective her spanx are at keeping in all of that fat.  HOWEVER, when she is scanned, she fails to remove her Tiffany heart necklace, so she additionally gets to be groped.  Fun!

A) Refuse and just not go on the trip.
B) Submit and give the stink-eye to the inspector.
C) Submit and preach to passers-by about how she is not a terrorist.
C) Ask for a male inspector and purr.

I'm going with B.  An appropriate level of indignation but ultimately inviting as little attention as possible.

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  1. Uh oh I hope this isn't a real life story you're projecting on Bridget here. I would take off my necklace & demand to be rescreened! I had to go through the xray machine. I didn't get the groping option however. There is no way I'm down with that.