Sunday, December 5, 2010

Re: Jude vs. Rachel

Jude: (noun) As Bridget would say, "best friend. Head of investment at Brightlings Bank, who spends most of her time trapped in the ladies' toilet crying over bleep-wit boyfriend."

Rachel: (noun) My friend in committed, healthy relationship - the only thing keeping her from being on her way to becoming the Cat Lady.  Won't even call her mom to cry about things, she's so strong on her own.

Jude suggests Bridget might need slightly larger breasts and a slightly smaller nose.  She also says she'd fire her for making a harmless mistake like faking a phone call with a professor who turns out to be dead.

Rachel suggests that I could date anyone I wanted and thinks I'm crazy when I self-deprecate.  She also reads everything I write and gives me wonderfully insightful and supportive notes.

Rachel - it's no contest.  You win!

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