Thursday, December 23, 2010

Reflections on Having Fun

Sometimes you just have to forget about your goals, your pride, your New Year's Resolutions, your diet.  Sometimes you just have to have fun.  Bride-of-Frankenstein hair and fun.  Sometimes you have to laugh so hard that it hurts (and also gives you great abs).  Sometimes you have to quote Keats on a little boat and fall in the water.  Sometimes you have to slide down a fireman's pole.  Sometimes you have to eat blue soup.  Sometimes you have to wear a bunny suit to a garden party.  Sometimes you have to ski into a drug store...still on skis.  Sometimes you have to take your chance to ask Colin Firth about "the wet shirt."  Sometimes you have to break out Madonna in a Thai Prison.

Fish face with antlers?
I'm a mutant fish, what of it?
Or in my case, sometimes you have to hang little girls upside down and let them shreik in the woods.  (Oh, that sounds so wrong out of context.  So here's some.)  Sometimes you have to take each other's picture making fish faces.  Sometimes you have to get a make-over from a little girl who has MUCH enthusiasm for rubber bands...and Disney Princesses.  Sometimes you have to wear snap-on plastic beads as necklaces.  Sometimes you have to have tea parties with tea cups full of sugar instead of tea.  Sometimes you have to play ring-around-the-rosy.  And sometimes you all fall down.

But the beautiful thing about family, urban or rural, is that you pick each other back up again.

Thank you, Morgans, for being one of my families!


  1. Fish face with antlers is a standard at the Morgan house--not strange at all! We love you, too!

  2. LOVE IT! And I agree 100%... we all stumble, we all fall, and we all help each other back up again. That's what family is for!! LOVE YOU!!