Monday, December 20, 2010

Bridget on Rain

I know that it's winter, and I should not complain about a little rain in LA.  But it's NOT a little rain.  It's a lot of rain, and I haven't been dry since Friday morning!  And neither has my dog!  All I can smell is wet dog!

I did my laundry in the rain (getting it wet after drying it), I drove to two vets in the rain, I shopped in the rain, I walked my dog tons in the rain, I went to the airport TWICE in the rain (also with my dog...who was made further wet), and now I'm finally in Georgia where I'm free from the rain-a-thon.  Phew.

Bridget probably wouldn't mind the rain at all.  She lives in London, and it rains there more than it does here.  They don't call it London fog for nothing.  She'd be a tad more concerned about the snow.  I keep London weather up on my iPhone to help remind me why I shouldn't move there.  Bridget, if you ever want to get away from the rain, I have a spare room!  (Just don't come in December apparently.)


  1. Yay, you made it! How wonderful! And the weather in HC was perfect today!

  2. Yes!!! It's going to rain on Christmas though. Wet dog smell will return! Merry stinking Christmas!