Saturday, December 25, 2010

WWBJD: Exchanging Gifts

In honor of Christmas, let's play out a scenario that has surely happened to us all.  Someone gives you a gift, and you didn't get them one.

Scenario:  Bridget went to Jude's Christmas party, and unfortunately she saw Rebecca the jellyfish there....coming toward her with a gift.  Since when did they become gift-exchanging friends?  Isn't it enough that Bridget associates with her even though Rebecca insults her (and everyone else) every chance she gets?

A) Tell Rebecca - "Oh, I didn't know you'd be here!  I didn't bring your gift with me.  We'll just have to meet for lunch next week so I can give it to you." (What's the cheapest box of chocolates at Marks & Spencer?)
B) Own up to it - "Rebecca, that is so sweet of you.  I feel horrible I didn't get you something." 
C) Steal something of Jude's and offer it to Rebecca as her gift.

I think Bridget might do C and apologize to Jude later.  Rebecca is not someone you want to upset OR spend time with.

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