Thursday, December 30, 2010

Reflections on Bridget as the Wanton Sex Goddess

Pros for Daniel: 
He v. much likes her granny panties. 
He inspires her to write letters of thanks to the Prime Minister.
He encourages her to open up about prior experiences, especially should they involve French-kissing other girls in school.

Cons for Daniel:
He hides his other partners, naked in his bathroom.
He is indifferent about whether his Thai prostitute is male or female.
He turns the office into a sexually charged electric chair that she must escape.

Pros for Mark:
He doesn't kiss like nice boys.
He likes her wobbly bits.
He tolerates her staring at him when he sleeps.

Cons for Mark:
.....completely stumped.


  1. pro for daniel- way more fun.

    con for mark- kind of boring, kind of bland sometimes.

  2. Man! This insight might say more about your love life than the men themselves. Would you actually pick Daniel over Mark?

  3. For a few weeks I would. When I first saw the movie I was like 22 and totally would have picked Daniel. I am older (and wiser?) now.

    I'm not saying Mark is bad I am just saying he can act like he has a stick in his butt.